Wanderlift is a ridesharing app for adventure lovers

Book rides to popular destinations across the front range, or make money driving the trips that you want to take. Wanderlift makes getting to adventure affordable, sustainable, and memorable. Where will you wander?

Wanderlift is not currently providing rides or accepting applications for drivers.

For Drivers

You set your price per seat when you post a ride. Make money as you explore, or see ride requests and go somewhere new with people who love the things that you do.

For Riders

See all rides departing from your location to your destination listed by departure date and time, your driver's ratings, who else is already in the car, and then book your ride.

For Everyone

Meet other adventurers and relieve traffic along corridors to major destinations. Get to where you need to go faster, and earn perks for fulfilling rides.

Discover the best of Colorado

Interested in bringing Wanderlift to your city? Let us know!

What are you waiting for?

With Wanderlift, your favorite destinations are just a few taps away. Explore new destinations and find out why Colorado totally rocks.

Become a Wanderlift Community Manager

Our mission is to get more people in fewer cars. Bring Wanderlift to your campus or community and earn perks, free rides, and swag in return.

Become a Community Manager
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    Heads up!

    Our Android App is still in development. We are working day and night to get it to you ASAP, But fret not! We have an alternative! We have some forms that are always up to date with the latest rides from the app, so you can book or post a ride!